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Julia Braithwaite’s experience at senior board director level means that she understands business priorities and the importance of thorough planning.  I worked with Julia for a number of years on the operational, financial and strategic planning for Pharos International Ltd, a mail distribution company.  Julia was directly responsible for proposing and implementing solutions to key organisational issues and establishing robust systems and procedures. 

During her time at Pharos Julia demonstrated the strength of her organisational and analytical skills, gathering relevant information, solving complex challenges and considering the implementation issues associated with the solutions she recommended.

Bruce Burford ACA,
Chartered Accountant

VA Mastery Graduate


An accredited member of the UK Association of Virtual Assistants. The one-stop shop information resource for virtual assistants and their clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ Can Professional Office Support be of value to my business?

Consider two factors: firstly, what it would cost to employ a permanent administrative assistant to work in your office and secondly, what it would mean to your business if you could spend more time concentrating on core tasks rather than the necessary but time consuming everyday administrative tasks.

Professional Office Support’s executive assistants do not have any employment rights over our clients or their companies. We work from our own offices using our own equipment. We also work within a network so that, if your regular assistant is not available due to sickness or holiday, we have other professional ‘online’ assistants on whom we can call so that our clients are never without support.

Freeing up the time you currently spend on administrative tasks could enable you to focus on what you do best, to be more flexible, to manage growth effectively, to promote your business and ultimately to increase sales and profitability. How much is your time really worth? Our hourly rates are surely somewhat less than your real financial worth.

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FAQ On what are Professional Office Support’s charges based?

Our charges are based on widely recognised “virtual assistant” industry rates. We are happy to negotiate for regular work and can also package price or agree a fixed monthly charge based on certain criteria.

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FAQ How do I know that Professional Office Support can meet the high standards that I demand?

We would be pleased to provide you with a CV for your executive assistant so that you can see how much experience he or she has had. We can also provide you with references if required.

We provide services for new clients for an initial trial period of three months, prior to agreeing a longer term contract.

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FAQ What kind of back-up system is in place if our regular assistant is unable
to work and how quickly can this be put in place?

We work closely with associate “virtual assistants” who are aware of the type of contracts we have and who can cover work for us if necessary. We meet with our associates on a regular basis so that we can update each other on our respective clients’ requirements and to ensure that these can be met at reasonably short notice in the event that cover is required. An associate would normally be able take over from us within a few hours, allowing time for a handover.

We introduce our clients to our associates and provide their contact details so that clients can deal directly with them for immediate cover should this become necessary. Our associates are bound by the same confidentiality and other agreements that Professional Office Support has with our clients.

We are also linked to the following organisations on which we can call for additional support if necessary.

The Virtual Assistant Coaching and Training Company:

Society of Virtual Assistants:

The UK Association of Virtual Assistants:

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FAQ Will Professional Office Support protect confidential information?

Our clients will need to give us access to certain confidential information relating to their affairs, solely for the purpose of carrying out the duties agreed between us and our clients.

Once we agree terms of business with our clients we draw up a Service Agreement which includes a confidentiality agreement.

We are committed to responsible data management and subscribe to the principals of the Data Protection Act in the United Kingdom. Any personal information provided to us by our clients or potential clients is not available for sale or use by third parties.

We work within a safe and secure environment which includes regularly updated anti-virus, spyware, antispam and firewall protection software.

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FAQ What are Professional Office Support’s Terms of Business?

We are pleased to offer Terms of Business on the following basis:

Contracted Clients

We provide services for new clients for an initial trial period of three months, prior to agreeing a longer term contract.

Clients who wish to establish a long-term relationship for the receipt of services will be asked to sign a Service Agreement for an agreed term.

Services will be provided to the client on account for which they will receive a monthly invoice, issued at the end of each month. Payment will be required within 14 days of receipt of the invoice.

Individual Services

Clients who wish to purchase services on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis will be required to complete a Client Order Form detailing the services required. A payment on account, at a value agreed with the client, will be required prior to the commencement of any provision of services.

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